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Ellen Atkin

Photo Gallery Curator: Photo Groups Facilitator: Instructor in Black & White Darkroom: Stock Photo Agent and Photographer: Business Owner: Award Winning Advertising Executive: Owner Operator Vancouver Aerial Photography: Public Figure - MK Ultra Girl.

I started photography in the studio & darkroom when I was 13 years old. I continued an eclectic education mixed with participation in an early '80's Queen West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada socio/political/art movement idealism to scar me forever. I went on to work in all sorts of photo-inspired jobs which led to creating a stock & assignment photography business- Vancouver Aerial Photography in 2006. In 12 years, I sold over 1/4 million dollars of my own art and assignment photography. In 2018, I sold VAP to Smart City Media. In 2015, I identified myself as MK Ultra Girl, a victim of trauma-based mind control. MK Ultra Girl Remembers is a conceptual series that attempts to pick up the long stitch between the esoteric dream of life and the pain & suffering of being a hard targeted individual in the fake real world.

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